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Consultants like Us Choice Awards

Shapes and Shades
2023-03-25 - Cath Knibbs.jpg

REAL Individual Impact

Catherine Knibbs

This award goes to the person who is making a REAL impact on their industry and the world, in relation to Cybersecurity and data protection.

Cath has written several books which are helping to shape the way we think and re-think our relationship with technology.

She is an inspirational TEDx speaker, and practicing counsellor working at the sharp end.

The world needs more people like Cath.


Do yourselves a favour and seek her out!

Real TEAM Impact

Cyber House Party

Since 2020 this not-for-profit, volunteer led group has been involved in many of the best Cyber events this country has to offer… and have raised tens of thousands for the charities they support. With 100% of donations going directly to charity.

They made an impact during COVID and are now bringing their own brand of entertainment and education to a dance floor near you!

Check them out!

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