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  1. The ‘One to watch’, Newcomer award

  2. Cyber Student of the year

  3. Cyber Citizen of the year

  4. Inspirational Cyberperson of the year

  5. Cyber SME of the year (under 150 people)

  6. Best Cyber Podcast of the Year

  7. Best Cyber Blog of the Year

  8. Best Industry Book of the Year

  9. Cyber Consultant of the Year

  10. Cyber Personality of the Year

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TRCA 161123 750-HR.jpg


  1. Data Protection Service Provider of the year

  2. Best Cyber Awareness Campaign

  3. Cyber University of the year

  4. Best Implementation of Security Programme

  5. Cyber Public Service Award


  1. Pen Testing Company of the year

  2. Best Cloud Provider

  3. Best Cyber Training Provider

  4. Best MSP

  5. Most innovative Cyber Security product

  6. Digital Mental Health

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