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Our Process

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Want to  know how the judging works?

No problem.

February - May: Nominations are open

Nominations are received by our head Judge (Gary Hibberd) who will collate them, and hold them securely until the deadline (May 31st).

June - July: Judging Period

Entries will be sent to the Judges without the name of the nominee being named.  If it is a company then it will be pretty obvious who the entry is for, but where possible the entry will be anonymised.  

In the 'Book' category each judge will receive a free copy of the book (provided by ConsultantsLikeUs), which they are expected to read.

In the Podcast category judges are required to listen to at least 3 full episodes.

Judges will have 2 month to review and research the entries. They will be asked to rate the entry from 1 to 5

  • 1 - does not meet the criteria,

  • 5 - fully meets the criteria. 

And provide a few lines to explain why they rated the way they did.

Results will be submitted to Gary, who will then take the top 5 in each category, and there will be a meeting of the Judges, who will discuss the merits of the finalists and provide feedback.

At this stage they will declare any prior knowledge of the entrant, or any conflict of interest. If there is, they will not be permitted to vote on that entry.

This is when we will bring the 5, down to 2 shortlisted and 1 winner.

The shortlisted and winners will each receive 2 x FREE tickets to the awards.

August - Shortlist will be contacted

We do not expect to release a shortlist on our website. Why? Because it's our awards and we want to do something a little fresh, and build up the excitement.  If people/companies wish to announce they are shortlisted, they may do so... but don't expect to see a list on here.

September - individualised Awards created

All awards are individually created and named, so it takes time to create the Awards and have these shipped to us.

November (to be announced) - The Awards - Queens Hotel, Leeds

The winners will be announced at a glittering party in the heart of Leeds. Expect a 3 course dinner, entertainment and a chance to mix with some incredible people!

December - Feedback

We will seek feedback from everyone who sponsored and attended and provide feedback to anyone who requests it.

December 1st - Start planning for TRCA2025!

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