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The one to watch, newcomer award

Our future cyber welfare depends largely on these rising stars.  Whether in formal education, under employment or doing extraordinary research of their own, the winner of this category will show great promise with their technical or practical ability. 


Cyber student of the year

Nominees for this award will have demonstrated leadership within their academic program or in extracurricular activities related to cybersecurity. They may have organized cybersecurity events, volunteered for cybersecurity organizations, or mentored other students in the field.


Cyber Citizen of the year

This Award will recognize the individual who is NOT a Cyber security professional, but continues to push boundaries in the space of Data Protection, Risk, Business Continuity, or training and awareness.  This will be an award to recognise those outside our industry, but still making significant impact upon it.


Inspirational Cyberperson of the year

This Award will recognise the individual who is doing something beyond  our Cyber security industry.


From walking three peaks, swimming across oceans or climbing mountains! This award will go to the person pushing  their own boundaries, and within the Cybersecurity and Data Protection sector.


Cyber SME of the year (under 150 people)

This award will go to the SME focused on providing comprehensive Cybersecurity support to their clients, that have a real impact.


Services will be diverse, but will be focused on helping and supporting their clients improve their security and Data Protection, in practical ways.


Best Cyber Podcast of the Year

The nominees in this category are podcasts that cover a wide range of topics, from data privacy and cybersecurity threats to emerging technologies and cybercrime investigations.


They feature interviews with industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners, providing listeners with unique perspectives and deep insights.


Best Cyber Blog of the Year

Nominees for this award are respected for their ability to provide timely and relevant insights that help readers understand the evolving cybersecurity landscape and take steps to protect themselves and their organizations.


Best Industry Book of the Year

The nominees in this category cover a broad spectrum of topics, including cybercrime, data protection, privacy, information security, and emerging technologies. These books are written for a diverse audience, from professionals and academics to general readers who are interested in learning about cybersecurity and related topics


Cyber Consultant of the Year

Nominees for this award will demonstrate exceptional expertise in cybersecurity, data protection and privacy and leadership in advising organizations on assessing and managing security risks.
They will demonstrate their expertise in designing and implementing effective cybersecurity programs.


Cyber Personality of the Year

Nominees for this award have demonstrated exceptional thought leadership, advocacy, and impact in advancing the field of cybersecurity and promoting a safer and more secure digital world, in a way that brings inspires and motivates people in fun and insightful ways. 


They are respected for their deep understanding of the latest developments in cybersecurity technologies, threats, and best practices, but also for their ability to communicate complex technical concepts to a broad audience.


Nominees will need to evidence this through client and online engagements.

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