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Data Protection Service Provider of the year

 Nominees for this award are respected for their exceptional expertise, innovation, and client service in the field of data protection.

They will demonstrate a deep understanding of the latest developments in privacy and data protection regulations, technologies, threats, and best practices.  


Best Cyber Awareness Campaign

This award is for an organisation that demonstrates how its Awareness campaign improved and raised awareness on cyber risks across its business.

Nominees will be able to evidence how they have improved behaviour and cultural change in their organisation.


Cyber University of the year

Nominees will need to evidence their outreach and engagement with the broader cybersecurity community. They will evidence collaboration with industry partners, government agencies, and other academic institutions to promote cybersecurity education and research, and are committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in the field.


Best Implementation of Security programme

Nominees will need to evidence how their security programme had a positive impact in their organisation.


From ISO27001 to GDPR, the nominee will evidence how the programme was embraced and made a lasting change across all areas of their organisation at all levels.

The candidates will be able to demonstrate how the programme has influenced real change in the organisation, moving from 'aware' to 'care'.


Cyber Public Service Award

This category recognizes the individual, or team, working in a public sector organisation.  From Policing, NHS to schools and charitable organisations, individuals and teams are increasingly under pressure to provide support services to the public, under ever increasing resource and time pressures.  

The award recognizes those in this sector that have a proven track record of delivering high-quality cybersecurity support and education to those within their organisation, but also on a wider external scale. 

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